Treatments Offered

Physiotherapy is an excellent choice of treatment for many joint and muscle problems, whether sustained from a sports injury or not. At the West Byfleet Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic we treat a wide variety of conditions. Here are some examples:

Neck Pain

Including whiplash injuries, headaches and stiffness.

Back Pain

Any thoracic or lower back problems.

Sports Injuries

Including joint or soft tissue and muscle strains and pains.


For example, following orthopaedic surgery (if you are unable to attend the clinic for treatment, we can always arrange for a physiotherapist to do a home visit to enable as speedy recovery as possible).


Programmes for individuals and classes available.

Women’s Health

Including stress incontinence and pre- and post-natal treatment.

Neurological Conditions

Again home visits can be arranged for treatment, if this is appropriate.


For pain relief.

Chinese Acupuncturetreat4

For conditions such as breathing problems (hayfever, sinusitis, asthma, etc), women’s health (menopause, PMT, etc), bladder & bowel problems, stress related difficulties (insomnia, etc).

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